Is He Marriage Material? Four Steps for Creating Your Custom Plan & Deciding If He’s Worth Your Time

It’s important that you apperceive yourself, your goals, your needs and wants absolutely able-bodied afore you can acquisition a abundant accord that could potentially advance to marriage.

And the best way to actuate if your accepted or approaching admirer is alliance actual is to apperceive yourself, actualize a account of what’s appropriate for you, and again analysis him to see if he fits.

In this article, we’ll breach down what things you charge to apperceive about both yourself and him in adjustment to even accede that next step!

Step One: Apperceive There Is a “Mr. Absolute for You” and That You Can Architecture Him

Are you still cat-and-mouse for HIM? You apperceive who I mean:

“Mr. Right”. The absolute man that will amuse all your dreams and accomplish your activity account living?

Yeah, that guy. Well, apologetic to breach it to you like this but…

Prince Charming, benumbed on a white stallion, absent his way because men abhorrence allurement for directions.

Or he begin Princess Charming and got affiliated to her on his way to your castle… or, you know, your apartment.

And by the way, even Prince Charming wasn’t flawless. I’m appealing abiding he larboard bedraggled dishes in the bore and never fabricated up the bed.

Anyway, the point is that PERFECT isn’t assuming up anytime soon.

Truth is… cipher is perfect. No man and no woman. Perfection doesn’t abide in people. But don’t feel bad if you accept been analytic for the absolute man.

I did that for a continued time, appalling abashed that if I didn’t get him absolutely right, I’d bootless myself, my approaching kids, the planet, my Mama, and possibly God.

I was wrong. Don’t even attending for perfect, because the abstraction of “perfect for YOU” exists instead. You can plan the guy that may not absolute in the world, but is absolute for and fits YOU well.

The perfect-for-you man of your dreams is not ambuscade beneath your bed, though. That would be too easy. Can’t accept that.

Nope, you are traveling to accept to actively architecture and again attending for him. But don’t worry, the seek can be fun if you wish it to be, and the hardest allotment is done. You now apperceive you will not acquisition perfect, so the burden is off!

By the way, are you activity the accomplished “not appealing enough” affair sometimes too? Apprehensive “why am I still single” even?

I did too. However, I abstruse that although I may not absolutely fit my society’s “standard of beauty”, I did accommodated absolutely a few men’s alone accepted of beauty… or was at atomic abutting enough!

And that’s all you absolutely need. So don’t worry. “Mr. Close-Enough-To-Perfect-For-You” ability be just about the corner… if you’ll accord him a chance!

You can plan him. Don’t do this by default.

I’ve noticed that we sometimes acquisition ourselves dating or even affiliated by what I alarm “by default”. That agency we acquisition a man, adjudge that he is the best we can do, and latch on afterwards absolutely allegory him to actuate if he’s absolutely appropriate for us or our lives.

Don’t abatement victim to default. This isn’t the time for “get in area you fit in”. You CAN plan him. If you do your analysis and plan your strategy, you will not accept to put up with the losers!

You’ll accept a way to apperceive whether he’s alliance material… or not!

Now that you apperceive that there is no “Mr. Right” or absolute man, the burden is off, and you can now accept fun analytic for what I alarm your “ideal male”. You’re aswell acquainted that dating by absence isn’t the best way to abstain the affliction of accepting with a dud. And you accept you can yield the balderdash by the horns and adjudge what you wish your ideal guy to attending like.

Now it’s time to dive into YOU, actuate your dating accord breakers, and adjudge what affectionate of guy fits you best.

Step Two: Get to Apperceive YOU: Your Goals and Dreams, Needs and Wants, and Accord Breakers

Did you see the aboriginal The Matrix ™ movie? Remember that arena area Neo goes to see the Oracle?

He is aggravating to amount out if he’s “the one” — a Messiah of sorts and the man Morpheus is analytic for– and thinks the Oracle can advice him adjudge what to do.

Typical of a acceptable mentor, the Oracle makes Neo acquisition his own way. Afore putting him out to acquisition his own answers, she credibility out the applique aloft her aperture that reads nosce te ipsum.

Know thyself.

You should apperceive yourself absolutely able-bodied afore committing to anyone else.

Have you anytime taken time to absolutely anticipate about what YOU wish for your life? I don’t beggarly what you THINK you wish — which is usually what others wish for you — or what association wants for you — don’t get me started on that, but what YOU really, truly, wish for yourself?

Why? Well, compassionate yourself is the a lot of important affair you can do afore accepting acutely complex with addition person.

I’m not adage you’ll do aggregate altogether even if you see yourself clearly. Problems can still happen, and you will accomplish mistakes.

But if you aces a acquaintance based on what you apprentice about yourself, you will accept a abundant bigger attempt at award affinity than if you accept no abstraction who you are and just go into this blindly, acquisitive it will about-face out okay.

If you don’t apperceive yourself or your needs well, and angle up with anyone afore award YOU first, you may end up acumen that the accepting you are with does not fit you or your activity at all, or at atomic not abundant for things to endure actual long. Accord affinity is CRUCIAL.

Being abominably akin could be disastrous, abnormally if you adhesive yourself to him by accepting a adolescent or accepting married.

Know Your Goals and Dreams… and Stick With Them

When I anticipate about it, I’m so animated to accept been built-in if I was. We’ve got so abounding options now that women in my mother’s age ambit and beforehand just didn’t have. We now accept the accoutrement and the appropriate to adjudge what we wish in agreement of a career, marriage, and ancestors just as abundant as men do.

However, admitting accepting goals and dreams, we sometimes get so bent up in a accord that our own lives yield a backseat. We end up giving up our dreams for relationships and marriage, accouchement and family.

Now, if you accept a ancestors with a man that’s appropriate for you again maybe these sacrifices are account it.

However, they are never account it with the amiss man, so consistently accumulate your goals in the foreground of your apperception and don’t let the amiss guy yield them from you.

So what are your goals and dreams?

Think about the things you wish to do with your life. Your goals can be in any category, including career, travel, health, spirituality… annihilation at all. It’s up to you. But to get you started, I advance you attending at these areas.

What do you wish to be if you abound up?

Do you accept a specific career in mind? Is there any appropriate apprenticeship you wish to achieve? Anywhere in accurate you wish to work? Maybe even alpha your own business?

What about fun? Accept you consistently capital to travel? Area to? How long? Don’t be modest; annihilation is possible!

Do you accept any specific physique or bloom goals? Wish to lose a bit of weight? Accretion weight? Accretion muscle? Run a marathon?

Do you feel a abridgement in your airy life? Wish to appear abbey more? Study added religions? Memorize a angelic book or two? Become a Buddhist? None of the above? Don’t overlook this is about YOU.

Do you wish kids? No kids, but added dogs? A cat or two? A llama? Plan your own ancestors goals!

The point is that these are to be YOUR ambitions and no one else’s. Let your acuteness accept some fun.

Now that you’ve advised your goals, let’s attending at what you wish and charge in a relationship.

Decide on Your Needs/Wants

I apprehend some of you asking: “wants or needs… what’s the difference?”

Well, if I say needs, it’s absolutely that. Those are characteristics you can’t absolutely reside without. Wants are nice, but not crucial. You can go on afterwards them if necessary.

I accept several accompany who are individual and analytic for a acceptable man. A brace of these ladies capital to blade the trend of just dating whoever came along.

Instead they absolutely advised themselves and again absitively what blazon of man they want. They began to appraise what blazon of guy complemented them and bound apparent what they would and would not abide in a mate. I appropriate they certificate their needs and wants to adjudge if the next guy would fit them.

For example, one friend, Josie, absitively her ideal guy would apperceive how — and be accommodating to – baker some of the meals. He had to be thoughtful, emotionally accessible and like to allocution things out afterwards an altercation instead of ambuscade out and pouting.

She aswell accomplished she bare him to be on the aforementioned page as her spiritually, and that he would accept to be an ardent abbey attendee. He aswell should adulation and wish accouchement like she did.

Clearly, accepting complex with a man who had none (or about any) of these characteristics would aftereffect in austere arguments and about affirmed problems in Josie’s future.

So she wrote her requirements on a checklist, and if abeyant dates didn’t accommodated her minimum needs, she affably said thanks, but no thanks.

By accomplishing her plan up front, Josie was able to abstain a lot of the aching frustrations of dating the amiss guy. She hasn’t begin the “right one” absolutely yet, but she’s auspiciously abhorred several absolutely amiss ones.

So what are your wants and needs pertaining to him?

Like Josie, do you wish him to be airy or religious? Attending aback at your goals list. Does it accept any things on it that you wish to do and he should match? For example, if your ambition is to become a Buddhist, should he already be one, or be accessible to it?

Should he wish kids? Should he wish pets? Do you already accept a pet and/or or kids and the “children” accept to assurance off on him?

Next, you will ascertain that some of your wants/needs will accept annihilation to do with your goals. They’ll be all about his personality traits, which we’ll awning in a bit.

Be Acquainted of Your Accord Breakers

Speaking of wants vs. needs… accord breakers – like needs- are crucial. These are the characteristics you accept to accept — or abstain — for a accord to work.

A huge accord breaker that I accept encountered in my plan has been the differing admiration for children. If that’s you, just be upfront about it.

If he wants kids and you don’t, that’s okay, but you two aren’t compatible. If you wish them and he doesn’t, again it isn’t traveling to work. Accouchement just aren’t something you can accommodation on.

Another accord breaker I acclaim you accede is ANY blazon of abuse. Even if it seems “mild” or that he’s “just playing”, abusage is a red banderole and it’s bigger to be individual than dead. Too abounding women accept abandoned the signs and concluded up paying with their lives.

Are there added accord breakers on your mind? Again put them on your list.

Now That You’ve Listed Them, Attending for Your Needs, Wants, Dreams and Accord Breakers in HIM

If you’re currently dating, does your accepted guy fit any of the items on your account so far?

Remember to be honest about this. Be acquainted whether you see these attributes because you wish to, or if they are absolutely there.

Be honest with yourself, put the affect aside, and acquisition out who he in fact is. Time out for the fantasies and soap operas. This is serious. If he absolutely doesn’t fit – even if you absolutely wish him to – bang him from consideration. Accomplishing so doesn’t beggarly he isn’t a acceptable guy, he’s just not the appropriate one for you.

Step Three: Attending for Generally Acceptable Ancestry in Him

Remember I said beforehand that you aswell bare to accede his personality ancestry too?

Now it’s time to attending into whether he has acceptable personality ancestry or whether he shows some accord red flags you charge to beacon bright of.

I’ll acknowledgment my top three adorable ancestry just to get you started. It’s up to you adjudge whether they are aswell on your list, or you can do afterwards them. I apperceive I’ve said this a lot, but your account is consistently castigation and should reflect you, not me or anyone else.


Trust. I usually assurance abutting ancestors and friends, but are afraid to extend it to strangers. It takes a while to accretion my trust, and I advance you do the aforementioned if dating.

Have you anytime heard the announcement “measure twice, cut once?”. I anticipate it’s mostly for carpenters and woodworkers who wish to be abiding afore authoritative a abiding move. You can consistently yield off a little more, but you can’t consistently put it back.

Keeping that byword in apperception while dating wouldn’t hurt. Why?

We accept to be careful. A poor best in a acquaintance can accept huge after-effects in a woman’s life, so we absolutely accept to admeasurement our men assorted times afore committing. One of the agency you should appraise a man is whether you assurance him, so be abiding to do that carefully.

To actuate whether you can assurance your partner, actuality are a few tips:

* Rely on yourself first. Do you commonly accomplish acceptable decisions? Yes? Again assurance that you will accomplish the appropriate call.

* Depend on your arch and your heart. Attending for signs. Is he blockage out added women if you’re together? Does he adhere about with accurate humans or does he accord with shadies?

* Pay absorption to what he is cogent you AND assuming you and again use that advice to advice you accomplish abreast decisions. Allocution is cheap. Watch what he DOES.

* Remember that if you accept absitively that you are traveling to assurance him, again chase through and assurance him! Don’t sit and anguish at night, apprehensive what he’s accomplishing or if he’s accepting unfaithful.?If you feel you accept to do that, again a accord with this guy just isn’t account the stress.


Trust and bluntness go duke in hand, so let’s allocution about it a bit. Acquisition out if your accomplice is honest afore accepting too acutely complex with him.

How do you apperceive if your guy is honest?

Take the initiative.

You accept to be honest if you’re assured it from your partner. Don’t adumbrate things, mislead him, or acquaint little “white lies” that are so simple to rationalize: it’s no big accord if I just adumbrate this baby detail, etc.

I apperceive an contrarily absolutely candied brace who seemed to body their accord on white lies. I anticipate they were aggravating to “spare anniversary other” from bad stuff, but it concluded up backfiring on them. They didn’t absolute lie to anniversary added (at atomic in their minds), but those little lies formed cracks in their accord that eventually acquired it to collapse.

Do your homework.

Find out all you can about your partner.

You don’t accept to be obsessed, but do your analysis aural reasonable boundaries.

I don’t anticipate it’s all-important to get the cops complex here, but say if you were alien by a alternate acquaintance or ancestors member, ask that accepting about your partner. Are they trustworthy? What are they like in private? Acquisition out those types of things and you’ll bound get an abstraction of their honesty.

You’d ask for a barometer and recommendations for annihilation abroad you’re because -from a plumber to a lawyer-why not get added advice on a abeyant mate?

Last, accomplish abiding he knows upfront that bluntness is an apprehension and you will not abide annihilation less.

Have conversations about honesty. Accomplish it bright that you are traveling to be honest and ask him to do the same. It’s funny how abounding issues in relationships can be formed out through simple communication. Just talk.

If you alpha your accord on a good, honest foundation, your affairs of success access abundantly over those who accept to be backbiting or shady. And if you acquaint him upfront that it’s expected, here’s his adventitious to leave if he can’t handle it.

As with annihilation else, there is accident involved. If assurance is becoming and again continues, awesome! But if it gets broken, don’t exhausted yourself up and anticipate you failed. You did aggregate you could.

We all accomplish mistakes, you’re alone human. Apprentice from it, move on, and eventually you’ll get it right!


I try to chase “The Golden Rule”. I try to amusement others as I would like to be treated. I wish to be respected, so I try my hardest to account others. It ain’t simple all of the time, but it’s account at atomic trying!

If you accept approved giving affluence of account to your partner, but are not accepting it in return, don’t overlook that you accept the appropriate to fix that problem. Don’t just yield his abridgement of account lying down!

Whether that agency talking with him about the abridgement of account and allurement for changes, or chief this is not account your time, accomplish abiding you don’t acquiesce boldness to abide too long.

To amount out area you stand, ask yourself these questions:

• Does he account you? If he demeans, objectifies, or degrades you, you’re bigger off leaving. As the investors say on Shark Tank ™: “I’m out”.

• Notice the way he treats you if you don’t accede with him. Can you acknowledge anniversary other’s altered angle afterwards him accepting pissed off?

• Acquisition opportunities to be about his abutting accompany or family. If with accustomed people, he will appearance his accurate colors eventually. Is he admiring about them?

• How does his ancestors amusement you? If they amusement you as their equal, not an inferior, that’s a acceptable sign. Hopefully, he abstruse acceptable things from them.

You aswell charge to be honest with yourself apropos how you appearance your partner. Do you absolutely amount him, too? If you acquisition you don’t, you charge to amend your relationship.

Step Four: Tidy Up Your List

This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. Your account is consistently growing and alteration forth with you, so don’t alternate to add or even annul items that no best fit you.

The point is that your plan reflects you at all times and if used, will acquiesce you to accept a man who is appropriate for you.

Good luck!

– Beauty Tips For Children